Rapidsucker grab rapidshare and Megaupload links from the command line

First things first: The download link
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Rapidsucker is a rapidshare and megaupload premium links downloader/grabber/collector. Please note that this only works if you have premium accounts on those services, it will not work with the free accounts. The current version is written in Python and runs from the shell console, which is perfect to leave it running on those mostly idle company servers ;-)

To use, download it and create a config file on ~/.rapidsucker.conf (take a look at the start of the source to see an example of the format, I’ll add a commented example on this page later.) Once you have told it your rapidshare/megaupload premium access data just run it (python rapidsucker), paste the links on the console, and push enter. It should start downloading the files to the current directory.

In the near future I plan to add an option --gui to show a (Qt4) graphical interface so Ubuntu users can also use it. Windows porting would also be nice, but a low priority since there are other tools there. Patches are welcomed, of course.


Update version 0.6.2 (august 2009):
  • Rapidshare changed a key in the cookie and rapidsucker stopped working with a "ValueError" exception. This release should fix that. Will publish a version that works with Megaupload soon, I promise ;)
Update version 0.6.1 (january 2009):
  • Print pending and finished files as totals so we don't mess the screens with hundreds of pending/finished lines
  • Use temporal files for the cookies instead of using files in the same directory so you should have less problem running several rapidsuckers in the same directory (in this case you're also advised to use the config option "rememberurls=false".)

Update version 0.6.0 (january 2009):

  • Option to limit the max number of simultaneous downloads. By default the limit will be 8, but you can use the "maxparalell = X" option in the config file to change it.
  • Get URLs from lines where there are more things (like "Part 1:http://rapidshare.com/bla [RAR FILE]")

Update version 0.5.1 (december 2008): this update only have some bugfixes, mostly affecting Mac users but probably affecting others Unix and Linux systems too (I'm too ashamed to say what were the bugs.)

Update version 0.5.0 (december 2008) Christmas edition!:

  • Megaupload support! You now can put your premium account data with the settings "megauser" and "megapass" in the config file and megaupload links will be downloaded too.
  • Removed the option to configure rapidsucker using global vars; now you can only configure it using ~/.rapidsucker.conf
  • Use urllib instead of wget to get the cookies (wget is still used for the actual download of the files.)
  • Changed license from public domain to GPL (versions until 0.4.1 are still in the public domain.)

Update version 0.4.1 (december 2008): Small fix to the language environment setting code (thanks chab!)

Update version 0.4 (december 2008): The connection problems should be gone - I'm using the cookie auth method with rapidshare now. Also, the sizes and times are much better calculated now.