Corrección ortográfica en Vim

Vim, desde la versión 7.0, incluye un corrector ortográfico de serie y sin necesidad de instalar y configurar plugins. El uso es muy sencillo una vez configuramos los atajos en nuestro fichero vimrc, por ejemplo yo tengo::

nmap :setlocal spell spelllang=es_es<cr> nmap :setlocal spell spelllang=en_en<cr>

Esto hará que pulsando Control+s se active el corrector en español y Control+g en inglés. Si es la primera vez que usamos la corrección con un idioma se bajará el diccionario correspondiente.

La corrección, si usamos gVim, marca los errores con un subrayado rojo ondulado como los procesadores de texto (en modo texto cambiará el color de fondo). También, como en los procesadores, funciona en tiempo real.

Una vez activada la corrección tenemos, entre otros, los siguientes comandos:

  • zg: añadir palabra bajo el cursor al diccionario
  • [s y ]s: mover al siguiente/anterior error
  • z= : mostrar sugerencias para la palabra bajo el cursor

Podemos ver todos los comandos escribiendo “:help spell”. Para desactivar la corrección escribimos “:set nospell”.

Algunos Plugins Formidables de Vim

Vamos a dar un vistazo a algunos de los mejores plugins que existen para el Editor, o sea, Vim.


Battlefield 3 beta for PS3 quick impressions

So, I got to play some hours of Battlefield 3 beta for the PS3 yesterday.

Quick impressions:

What I liked:

  • The sound is awesome
  • The realistic weapon recoil
  • The Metro map is beautiful
  • The rush gamemode made for some exciting playing
  • The PS3 graphics are fine (better than COD), but not up to the hype
  • The control is better than Bad Company 2

What I didn’t like:

  • EVERY SINGLE TIME that I made a squad with two friends, it splitted it when joining a game. Sometimes even on opposing teams.
  • We couldn’t manage to get the voicechat to work the few times that it put two of us in the same squad. Extremely annoying.
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs. Spawn trapped in the ground, see everything in blue or purple hues, color “flashes”, suddendly you couldn’t aim or run, etc, etc, etc…
  • The PS3 graphics are fine (better than COD), but not up to the hype.
  • Only one map (Metro) and one gamemode (Rush). No conquest, no vehicles. If EA is releasing the beta with the hope of convincing undecided some players to buy the game, they’re doing it wrong.
  • Too many COD-style players trying to run into the objectives alone or completely ignoring it, without waiting for the squad mates to spawn around. Nobody tagged the enemies.
  • The controls are not as direct and fast as COD.


If they fix all the bugs it can be a fun game to play. But it won’t dethrone COD on copies sold yet.

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A hint for Android smartphone makers

Almost every day on my Google Reader’s collection of feeds I read rumors or facts about new Android handsets. Almost always the things have a ridiculous amount of CPU power (for a phone) more RAM memory and higher resolution screens. None of which excites me even a bit.

I used to change my phone every 6-8 months. When the iPhone 3G was released, I was excited to see how nice the interface and potential was with the app store, compared to my Nokia 6630. But it was too limited, too closed and too slow. Then I got the HTC Dream, the first Android phone. Even if it was butt-ugly I loved the openness and features of the phone. But it was also slow. Then, I got a Nexus One phone and not only it was physically beautiful and nice, it was also fast. In the Nexus One, apps open almost instantly and interactions with apps (menus, buttons, screen change) are also damn fast. This was at the start of 2010. Since then, a lot of new smartphones have hit the market but not a single one of them have excited me enough to change my Nexus. So as of date, I’ve keept my Nexus for 18 months, while in the past I would usually have changed two or three times during this period.

The reason is that the new phones doesn’t offer any value for me are mostly:

  • Bigger screens: it is a phone and I really think that the Nexus 3.7’’ is a reasonable limit for a phone screen. 4’’ could make it, but no more.

  • Better screen resolution: which is not much of an improvement on a 3.7’’ screen.

  • More cores, higher CPU cycles, more RAM: my Nexus is pretty fast with current Android versions (thanks Google for not WindowVista-izing the OS), and I don’t feel a need for more RAM memory. Probably people playing 3D games on the phone will appreciate the difference, but I don’t play games on the phone.

  • More megapixels in the camera: more megapixels are not more quality.

  • 4G: which currently doesn’t works here in Europe.

What I would like to see on new phones:

  • Picoprojector: I want to show my friends/coworkers the latest lolcat video or that awesome Call of Duty match I uploaded to youtube on the wall. I want to see films on divx on my hotel room. I want to show that car show photo album without having 8 heads over my phone. These projectors doesn’t need to be very high resolution of produce a huge screen on the wall.

  • More battery time: instead of releasing a phone with 4 cores a graphic accelerator and a huge resolution, release phone with the power and resolution of the Nexus but with 3 or 4 days of autonomy. It’s a pain on the a** having to charge the phone mid-day, and all new phones are the same.

  • Frontal camera: Skype, Google talk, etc support or will support videocalling. Ok, some new Android phones have this, but it on itself not enough for me to change.

  • Digital TV receiver: Phones capable of receiving digital TV have been available for years (I saw one imported from China in 2008). Combined with a picoprojector could let you have a TV anywhere.

Sometimes it looks like phone makers are waiting for Apple to innovate and then make copycat of the new Apple’s features and tagging their phones “iPhone killers”. Sorry, they are not killers, they are copiers at most and now that Apple is mostly there with Android on OS features (notifications, multitasking, etc) Android makers could take a big hit if a new iPhone includes some real hardware innovation.

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Cómo no ser un imbécil

En España mucha gente entiende la política como el fútbol. Son de su “partido” de forma radical, generalmente sin leerse su programa o comprobar si cuando gobiernan lo aplican o no, ven sólo las televisiones o periódicos en Internet de tipo progaganda (La Sexta, Libertad Digital, El Plural, etc) y nunca ven mácula alguna en sus dirigientes. Esto vale para peperos, podemitas y psoeros. En este artículo este anarquista va a intentar comentar formas de evitar ser así.

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