How to easily* compile KDE4 from sources (* if you're a guru like me)

I found that on my system, using a compiled KDE 4 from the sources goes much better than Mandriva's provided packages. And since it's pretty easy to do, I'm writing an article detailing the steps. Back in 2004 I wrote an article about running a KDE 3 version compiled from CVS (in spanish that time). Since your distribution probably already have packages for KDE4 you could be wondering what are the advantages of compiling KDE4 over using the distro packages. These are:

  • You can optimize the compilation for your target machine. This means that if you, for example, have a Dual Core 2 CPU you can instruct the GCC compiler to generate code specific to the features of your processor (like SSE and a lot of other things) that will make the binary run noticeably faster on your computer than the generic code compiled for Pentium.
  • You'll always be on the cutting edge, having the very last KDE version. Of course this is both good and bad; it means you'll have always the latest features but you'll have too the latest bugs. My advice is to only install form sources when the current KDE version (4.1.0, 4.2.0, etc) is at least at beta stage.
  • If you're a programmer and find a bug or want to implement some feature, you'll have the source code to it.
  • You'll not depend on the options choosen by your distribution package maintainer.

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Back to KDE4 (also: "how to used a SVN-compiled KDE4 on Mandriva".)

If somebody on the interwebs read my rant titled "Back to KDE3" he'll know that I was very interested in running KDE4 but could because of the general slowness and innestability of Plasma. Well, it seems that now I'll be able to finally run it. Some things have changed that have made KDE run pretty fast finally; read the article inside to find how I managed to do it.

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Ley de Juanjo sobre el avance de la velocidad de proceso

La velocidad de proceso avanza de tal forma que el tiempo necesario para compilar la última versión del kernel de Linux con las opciones por defecto se mantiene constante en quince minutos.


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Chrome on Linux will use the Gtk toolkit

It seems Google has started working on the Linux GUI of the Chrome version because on my today update of their Subversion repository I got (among other files):


It seem Gtk is the toolkit of choice, then. Bad choice if you ask me, but then nowadays Linux seems to be mostly Ubuntu and Ubuntu is mainly Gnome (thus, ugly Gtk for everybody.)

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Las mejores aplicaciones para iPhone 3G / iPod touch 2.0 (según yo)

En este artículo no se quiere hacer un recuento exhaustivo de cada aplicación que exista para el iPhone sino sólo las que el autor de la web y unos amiguetes encuentran más interesantes en cada categoría. Si tu encuentras alguna aplicación que consideras muy interesante escribe un email a o pon un comentario a éste artículo y si opino igual la añadiré a esta página.

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