From Vim to Emacs+Evil chaotic migration guide

I’ve been using Vim for 18 years, and for me it was the only option for serious text work (like programming or writing) because I’m totally addicted to modal text editing to the point that I feel crippled when I’ve to edit text in a non-modal editor. You may argue that programming is not about how fast you write and you would be right, but if you can imagine somebody programming on an on screen keyboard on a tablet, you know how modal editor users feel about non modal edition.

But as many Vimmers, I was always curious about Emacs (the enemy in the editor flamewars!), it’s operating-system-in-a-window and the Lisp virtual machines concepts but the non-modal editing and the low quality of the existing modal editing modes compared with Vim made me keep a sane distance from it.

But then, Evil-mode happened…

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Groundhog 1.7.1 with international charset support

The new 1.7.1 version of Groundhog Usenet Reader for Android has finally incorporated support for the most important international charsets, and also a lot of bugfixes.

As always you can download it on the Android Market for free.

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RapidSucker: Grab rapidshare and megaupload links under your Unix, Linux or Mac OS X

First things first: The download link
(scroll down for the changelog)


Rapidsucker is a rapidshare and megaupload premium links downloader/grabber/collector. Please note that this only works if you have premium accounts on those services, it will not work with the free accounts. The current version is written in Python and runs from the shell console, which is perfect to leave it running on those mostly idle company servers ;-)
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Ledsm 1.0

La verdad es que la entrada para este programa la mantengo aquí por motivos sentimentales más que otra cosa. Este fue el primer programa que hice en C (lo estaba aprendiendo) para Linux. Es un pequeño monitor del sistema que indicará la carga de CPU o, alternativamente, de memoria RAM utilizando... las lucecitas del teclado a modo de barra de progreso. No funciona si se ejecuta desde X Windows (hay que ejecutarlo en consola, si después vamos a las X si funcionará). Puedes bajar las fuentes, el paquete Debian (del año catapún), o un RPM.

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